On the rainy morning of 01 October 2015 Major John H. Mark, Jr.'s US Army Commander, LTG Flora D. Darpino, hosted a Military Memorial Service at the Fort Myer Memorial Chapel, adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery, providing the opportunity for more than 200 of his Comrades in Arms to honor John Henry's service and memory. 

The ceremony was conducted in the chapel with the Fallen Soldiers' Monument prominently displayed near a life sized photo of Major John Mark.  Chaplain (LTC) Timothy L. Hubbs offered the invocation and a Memorial Benediction.  Tributes extolling Major Mark's dedication to God and Country (as well as the NY Yankees) were offered by The Judge Advocate General, Flora D. Darpino and Col. Michael E Mulligan; as well as the heartfelt, personal recollections of colleagues Major Yolanda Schillinger and Captain Matthew A. Freeman, who served with him stateside and during deployment. 

For those not familiar with the US Military traditions, the Memorial Ceremony is an emotional gathering of soldiers, with family and friends, to honor a fallen comrade.  The US Army Band played selections throughout the ceremony.  A most poignant part of this ceremony occurred when Command Sergeant Major Joseph P. Lister conducted a roll call of members of Major Mark's unit.  As Major Mark did not respond, CSM Lister repeated his name.  With still no response from Major Mark, CSM Lister reported his passing to the assembly.  A lone bugler stood at the open center doors of the Fort Myer Memorial Chapel and blew Taps in his honor.  Immediately after Taps, members of the US Army's "Old Guard" (soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington) fired a 21 gun salute.  The Memorial Ceremony concluded with each person present passing by the Fallen Soldier Monument to pay respects to Major John H. Mark, Jr.; some leaving military coins as a thank you to him.